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Tami Roman Discusses Business, Bullies, and B*tches w/ The Breakfast Club [Video]


So my favorite Reality Ratchet (don’t say it around her) Tami Roman stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this morning. Ms. Roman chopped it up with the crew and defended her view on Chad and Evelyn working it out, her partnership with Walgreens, and leaving the show. While her exiting Basketball Wives was taken out of context in a previous interview she does believe this will be the last season for the once popular reality fixture.

sidenote: Tami smile is phenomenal! Great pearly whites!

Watch what happens when worlds collide as Tami visits The Breakfast Club.

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[Preview] Tami Roman Joins Cast Of ‘Tiny Tonight’ + The Ladies Discuss ‘Love & Hip Hop’


With Tamar Braxton busy promoting her sophomore album and new talk show, Tami Roman will be filling Miss.com’s vacant spot and hopefully checks her ‘bad bitch’ attitude at the door. The regular cast of ‘Tiny Tonight‘ are still in attendance; Tiny, Rapper Trina, and Claudia Jordan. While Tamar brought over the top theatrics, Claudia Jordan explained via social media that the chemistry between the ladies is very positive…. (All shade aside)

Via Instagram: It was such a better vibe across the board! All the girls were able to shine and speak their peace and respectfully disagree. Everyone left happy knowing we just created some good television. I personally had a blast!

Wow… seems like things could go really right or really wrong… (ratings wise). On a sidenote I’ve always wondered why this wasn’t a nightly show? Do you honestly think Tiny and co. can carry an entire hour every night? Nonetheless ‘Tiny Tonight‘ premieres tonight at on Vh1 10/9c. Check out a sneak peek below as the ladies discuss last season’s shenanigans of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta» Read more..

Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton Squash Beef During NYFW


I know Shaunie O’Neal is somewhere seething that this didn’t make it on camera…..

Reality Vixens Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton engaged in a nasty catfight two years ago (mostly on Tami’s part and a whole lot of bitchassness) and Meeka left Basketball Wives after only one season. Despite not being on the show, Meeka was a direct advocate of bullying especially when it pertained to other ladies also receiving the hard beat down from Tami Roman. » Read more..

Tami Roman Appears On Wendy Williams And Discusses Basketball Wives Being Renewed/Kesha Nicols Apology/And New Sitcom

I’m proud of Tami Roman for standing up and admitting her unruly behavior on The Wendy Williams Show yesterdayIt’s not easy to admit a mistake especially when the whole ordeal played on tv but kudos to Tami for writing her wrong and moving forward. Tami got a little emotional during part of the segment and explained how her daughters were embarrassed about the ‘purse snatching incident’ on Basketball Wives.

From the conversation it seems as though season 5 is a go (despite rumors of being cancelled) and Tami promises a more toned down version unlike what we have been accustomed to (at least from her character).. The entire interview was really upbeat and refreshing. Thankfully the old Wendy from her radio days didn’t magically appear or she may have snatched the yaki from her scalp. Everyone knows Wendy had a reputation of going in on her guest and I’m sure she would have eaten Tami alive. Peep the entire video/interview below…

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Meeka Claxton Speaks Out On Bullying : “Where Was My Support?”


Even though Meeka Claxton only appeared on one season of Basketball Wives her lasting impression will forever be etched in stone. She too had felt the holy wrath of Tami Roman during a altercation on a out of town voyage sponsored by Shaunie O’Neal of course. After virtually disappearing from reality tv all together Meeka is speaking out via her blog on the growing violence on Basketball Wives and the lack of support she experience after the show ended.

Via Meeka’s blog:

“Meeka the violence on reality television has to stop!” “Meeka, I’m so glad you left that show!” “Meeka, I hate how reality TV is portraying black women!” “Meeka, can you believe the way grown women are acting?” “Meeka, those girls are bullies with serious issues” “Meeka, I stopped watching that show because the violence is disgusting!!”…

……These are some of my actual twitter mentions. For the last 3 months, my twitter has been flooded with these comments and hundreds more exactly like them. I said it on the reunion and I will say it again, I’m 32, a CEO, a wife and a mommy, I did not sign up for Bad Girls Club. As a mom, I am my daughters’ FIRST role model and as a black woman who has been given a platform, I have a responsibility to show young girls “better”.

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Dear Tami Roman….A Letter From Me To You


Dear Tami,

First and foremost you were the entire reason I started watching Basketball Wives In the 1st place. After years of leaving reality tv a familiar face had returned to add a little spice and give real life accounts on what it meant to be a “Real” basketball wife. From the gate you were the most hated and the girls had a field day snatching and flipping your wig. They made fun of you collecting public assistance and even your right hand girl set up a dinner just so you could get drunk and find out a groupie had been sleeping with your husband while you were married.

Seriously you didn’t consider these to be real friends did you?

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VH1 Reality Star Tami Roman Of ‘Basketball Wives’ Suffers ‘Mild Heart Attack’

I know we all laugh and frown at what we see on reality tv often yelling or tweeting expletives at our favorite on screen villains, but the real reality of it all is these people are human too.

In a press release given by VH1, Tami Roman was admitted to a New York City hospital for a “mild medical condition.”

The entertaining/take no prisoner reality vixen tweeted about her medical condition as well on yesterday:

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Our Command-n-chief’s ride or die chick Michelle Obama will be gracing the cover of ESSENCE Magazine. The 1st Lady will be front and center for the October issue which is dedicated to the world’s most influential Black women. Aside from Chelly, Oprah Winfrey, Valerie Jarrett, Iyanla Vanzant, Jada Pinkett Smith, Shonda Rhimes and more will also be celebrated.

In the issue Michelle will share her experiences on traveling to Africa and her message to women among many other topics.

“My story to young people around this country and around the world is: Don’t look at me as the First Lady first; look at me as Michelle Obama, a girl who grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Because I was there, and this is attainable. There is no magic to this. It is hard work….”


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tami roman

After Shaunie went on a world wide tour expressing her displeasure in the direction Basketball Wives had taken specifically the fighting and backstabbing. Shaunie called for a need to move the show to a more Sesame Street atmosphere where everyone gets along and plays hopscotch outside of Mr. Hooper Store. However resident backyard brawler and beer slugger Tami Roman set the record straight warning calmer waters will equal  real welfare checks all over AGAIN….

Tami recently spoke to The Examiner about the whole ordeal:

Shaunie is caught between a rock and a hard place because she’s not the only executive producer.  So, I know when she initially went with this concept to them, what ‘Basketball Wives’ has evolved into is not her creative mindset at work.  What ultimately ended up happening is that when you do reality TV, the whole thing that drives it is the dramatic aspect.  If you have six, seven people who all get along, nobody finds that interesting. 

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People can never get enough of reality fuckery including myself. Now that everybody has seen the fight between Tami and Meeka and cast their opinions about who was in the wrong Va’s own and Power92.1 radio personality TT Torrez speaks to both ladies about all the drama that ensued on this past Monday’s ‘Basketball Wives’ episode… Listen below and decide who you riding for..

#Team Meeka

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