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Mimi Is That You Gal? Mariah Carey Reveals New Album Cover “1 to Infinity”


I’m all for a few touch ups and tweaks but transforming yourself back into the 1990’s on an album cover seems like you are fooling us into thinking you are Benjamin Button.

Yesterday Mariah Carey had an unveiling via her website yesterday asking fans to help premiere her latest album cover and of course we were treated to a slimmer and younger looking Mariah. We all know Mimi is the queen of fairy tale and foolishness but somehow we find ourselves back in love again.

Anyway the album is now available on preorder and is titled ‘#1 To Infinity‘ and will feature all of Mariah’s biggest hits including ‘Vision Of Love’, ‘Hero’, ‘Emotions’, ‘Honey’, and only one new track ‘Infinity’. The album is paying homage to her ‘#1’s’ album and will drop May 18, 2015.

Check out the tracklist below

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Blog Buzz: Chris & Rihanna Reunite! + Mariah Hits Nick With Gag Order and More Bizzy Buzz!


No he hasn’t dump Karrechue after making up with the latter just days ago…Chris Brown was actually present during a celebrity basketball game where the Barbados beauty was seen sitting courtside……let’s just say Riri couldn’t keep her eyes off of him…[TMZ]

Things aren’t butterflies and rainbows anymore for Mariah Carey these days and to save face from further humiliation, Mimi is hitting her talkative husband Nick Cannon with a gag order regarding anything about their pending divorce….ouch [BET]

With a new career in reality tv relations, Tameka Raymond is opening up about her failed marriage to Usher… “We Didn’t Stand A Chance In Hell” [Crunktastical]

Speaking of reality junkies…. Did rapper Joe Buddens beat up his former girlfriend leaving her battered and bruised? [TheUrbanDaily]

And since we are discussing being “bruised” I’m sure boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr is none too happy about the little stunts rapper 50 Cent and radio personality Charlamagne this week regarding his inability to……read [NYDailyNews]

And congrats are in order for Nicki Minaj who broke Vevo records this week with the release of the booty shaking “Ananconda” video [NYPost]

photo credit: TMZ

Confirmed: Nick Cannon Speaks On His Marriage “Me and Mariah Have Separated”


This just goes to show even celebrities go through the relationship drama…. “Who wants that perfect love story anyway?”–Beyoncé

Amid rumors that Nick Cannon and his wife Mariah Carey could be on the verge of a pending divorce, Nick spoke exclusively to TheInsider and confirmed that he and Mimi are living separately.

“He said ‘yes, [they’re] going through a rough patch. There’s nothing to do with infidelity.’ He didn’t confirm that it was over, but he did say that they’ve been living separately for a few months now.” as told to The Insider guest host Chris Spencer.

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I Wish You Well: Mariah Carey Parts Ways w/ Manager Jermaine Dupri


While is was evident after the release of her latest album “Me. I Am Mariah….The Elusive Chanteuse” didn’t live up to expectation (sales wise) that somebody would be held responsible and it appears as if Mariah Carey is getting her house in order and looking for a clean start…

Now according to Billboard Mimi and Jermaine Dupri (her long time producer/friend) have agreed to part ways. “I’m a very hands-on person when it comes to my work,” Dupri told Billboard in a statement. “I put my all into every project. But when I’m not allowed to do what I do, then I know it’s time for me to move on. Mariah and I enjoy working together and will continue to make great music together in the future.”

Perhaps he is alluding to her current album flopping after numerous attempts to chart a single aside from Beautiful featuring Miguel….
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New Video: Mariah Carey Feat. Trey Songz – ‘You’re Mine’


It’s so ironic that Mariah Carey and her arch nemesis Nicki Minaj released brand new videos/singles today…..

Anyway shade aside Mimi has been on a media roll today and the goodies just keep on coming. After releasing the Rodney Jerkins produced ‘You’re Mine‘ earlier today via radio and iTunes, Mariah and on-screen love interest Trey Songz, who also appears on the remix make beautiful music in the visual.

Nothing says a Mariah Carey video like water, waves, and wonderland concocted inside Puerto Rico’s El Yungue National Rain Forest.

Check out the video dedicated to Love’s Holiday after the jump.

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[Listen] Check Out Mariah Carey’s New Single ‘You’re Mine’ + The Remix w/ Trey Songz


Mariah Carey finally premiered her new single ‘You’re Mine‘ accompanied by a remix with Trey Songz. The new love song which the singer is dropping exclusively for Valentine’s Day is in anticipated for her long-awaited album ‘The Art Of Letting Go‘ dropping May 6th.

While I’m not thoroughly wowed… it’s Mariah Carey however so at this stage of her career she’s unapologetic and gives ‘0’ flucks about what we have to say.

Check out both mixes after the jump.

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Mariah Carey Stops By The Breakfast Club; Says She’s Never Heard ‘Drunk In Love’ By Beyonce lol


The all too Fabulous and Divarific Mariah Carey stop by Power 105’s Breakfast Club this morning to promote her new single ‘You’re Mine’ just in time for Love’s Holiday. The Valentine’s Day single premiered this morning and will feature a solo version and a remix with Trey Songz. A video is expected to drop tonight via MTV.

Now here’s the funny. Mariah laughed it up with the Breakfast Club crew and handled the tough questions with ease discussing the Nicki Minaj blowup, divorce rumors about Nick Cannon, and Ariana Grande being her successor. The real shade came at the end of the interview when Charlamagne asked Mariah what she thought about Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk In Love’ to which she replied she loved Beyoncé but she’d never heard the song lol.

I immediately hollered and tweeted a response to Charlamagne to which he RT’d it to the listeners and well… I’ll let you peep the tweets below!

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[Watch] Mariah Carey Gives Hilarious Unscheduled Performance On Jimmy Fallon

For those of you who say Mariah Carey can’t hit those notes any more or that her voice is cracking can post your opinions in the back of the bus. Mimi who wasn’t advertised Tuesday night gave a very hilarious private performance on ‘Late Nite With Jimmy Kimmel’ to the surprise of her Lambs in attendance.

Mariah Carey goes into a funny monologue to the sounds of ‘Fly Like A Bird’ as she jokes about the forgetting words to her song, capturing her bad side, and working with Nicki Minaj (subliminally). Eventually she picks up ‘The Art Of Letting Go‘ before the video ends.

The one thing I will say about Mariah is that she has personality. Whether she’s in interviews, performing, or acting Mimi always brings out a human side we can all relate to that’s not embellished in the music ‘business’.

Need a good laugh? Let Mariah Carey do the honors after the jump.

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[Listen] New Music: Mariah Carey Releases ‘Art Of Letting Go’


After a few bumps, bruises and broken arms, Mariah Carey is finally on tap to give us new music after releasing ‘Art Of Letting Go‘ yesterday; her brand new single of the same name as her upcoming album.

The new ballad receives production love from Rodney Jerkins and is the follow-up to her collaboration with Miguel on ‘Beautiful‘.

Not to damper anyone’s listening ear but I’m not thoroughly convinced with this as a single. I know Mimi can wow over the masses especially when I look back on ‘Emancipation‘ and ‘E=M2‘. ‘Art‘ is not terribly bad just not where I ‘Picture‘ Mariah at this stage of her career….

Have a listen below.

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I Know I’m Late: Mariah Carey Feat Miguel – ‘Beautiful’

So while I missed some rather important events in pop culture this week (I was actually living my life) I did however manage to check in today and show a lil love to my blog viewers…. I’ll be back in full effect this next week.

In the meantime I peeped put Mimi’s latest video for ‘Beautiful‘ and honestly the video takes away from the fact that the song sounds more like Miguel’s than Mariah‘s. Not that it sounds bad but I was just looking to get more bounce to the ounce from the American Idol judge but I’ll be ok.

The visuals are very plain and simple but definitely showcase the sexiness of Mariah which is something we’ve grown accustomed to throughout the years. Check the Joseph Kahn directed video after the jump.

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