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[New Video] Fantasia Feat Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott – ‘Without You’


Fantasia brings the heat and the sexiness with her new video for ‘Without You’ the second single from her album ‘Side Effects Of You‘. The new visuals were directed by GoMillion and Leupold and features Kelly Rowland and infectious rap by hip hop queen Missy Elliott.

All three ladies shine bright like diamonds and even deliver some provocative dance moves. Earlier after the album was released Fantasia expressed how she wanted Missy to direct so no word on if Missy added her infamous directorial flair to the video. You can tell Fantasia and Kelly had great chemistry and the collaboration is definitely a win in my book.

Check out Fantasia’s new video for ‘Without You’ after the jump.

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Fantasia Scores #2 Spot On Billboard Top 200


I’ve been preaching for about a week now just how great Fantasia‘s album is and despite early predictions the former American Idol Queen pulled out on top to capture the #2 spot on Billboard this week with her 4th studio album ‘Side Effects Of You‘.

Side Effects Of You‘ managed to grab up (91,000) worth of album sales  a slight lower number compared to a higher showing on her last album ‘Back To Me‘ which raked in 117,000 copies. Still Fantasia charted her latest album to #2 and with all of the promo she’s been doing along with her awesome live performances she did rather well if I do say so myself.

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[Album Review] Fantasia – ‘Side Effects Of You’


Though often troubled, Fantasia is definitely on her A game declaring her new lease on life with the arrival of her 4th studio album ‘Side Effects Of You for RCA. After making several media rounds from radio to tv including her show stopping performance on American Idol this past Thursday, Fannie is ready to put up and show the world what she’s been cooking up this go around.

Check out my breakdown of Fantasia‘s Rock/Soul new banger ‘Side Effects Of You” after the jump!

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[Video] Fantasia Performs ‘Lose To Win’ On American Idol

Fantasia is back and brought that nostalgic feel to tonight’s episode of American Idol when she graced the stage and performed her new single ‘Lose To Win’. The former Idol winner and Broadway star appeared in a Grecian style white dress, slimmer waist, and a brand new swag which completed flawless performance.

Fantasia’s new album ‘The Side Effects Of You’ drops this coming Tuesday and mama is on promo overdrive. What better way to reconnect to an audience than to appear on the stage that made you famous. Check out her performance after the jump.

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Bizzy Or NOT? Fantasia Feat Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott – ‘Without Me’

Now this is definitely not what I was expecting and to be honest I was anticipating a bit more from this collaboration but nonetheless Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott delivered for Fantasia’s upcoming album for their record ‘Without Me’…

The song was brought to life by Fanny, Missy and a host of others background to a thumping beat and sprinkled down low with some chopped and screwed melodies for good measure. As I mentioned earlier I was looking forward to this bomb as record but I assume Fantasia toned down her voice so she wouldn’t overshadow Kelly’s (who sounds great I may add) and of course Missy brought back that old femcee kind of feel that’s clearly missing from day’s genre of hip hop. Very excited to see what the other tracks will sound like on ‘The Side Effects Of You’

Check out Fantasia’s new banger ‘Without Me’ below and purchase her new album when it drops April 23rd!

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[Watch] Fantasia Interviews & Performs On Tom Joyner


A friend of mine was talking about this earlier today (Thanks Audrey) that Fantasia appeared on The Tom Joyner Morning Show this past Good Friday and shut it down! Fanny stopped by to promote her upcoming album ‘Side Effects Of You’ dropping April 23rd and belted out two performances.

I will say Fantasia has had a very rollercoaster ride since winning American Idol and although she has seen some relatively major success a dark rain cloud has almost always reared it’s ugly over her life. Determined to rise above and remain focused is this new album Fantasia official comeback story? Check out her interview below as well as her live in studio performances.

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New Video: Fantasia – ‘Lose To Win’

Fantasia‘s new album Side Effects (although delayed) is finally dropping next month and Fanny Pack unleashed the video for the lead single ‘Lose To Win’ today.

Fantasia channels her inner flapper in the Roaring 20’s inspired visual ,which is just a small portion of the Rock/Soul sound she’s going for this go around (Hot or Not?)… The song has a very positive message which I’m sure reflects her own troubled life… in love.

Not her to judge so I’ll keep right on moving.

Check out Fanny Packs new video after the jump and support ‘Side Effects’ when it becomes available in April.

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BizzyBuzz: Fantasia Cleans Up Gay Comment/Martin Lawrence Suing Trinidad James?+ More Bizzy Buzz!

Fantasia has been catching the fade as of late and she thought admitting she couldn’t read was devastating. Well ever since Fanny took up with T-Mobile baby daddy Antwan Cook the public has not be so kind to The American Idol winner. Now with the arrival of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, celebs are free to voice their opinion and say what’s really on their mind with little regard to the side effects that come after. Now after a questionable caption underneath a recent Instagram photo, Fantasia’s PR team is trying to clean up the spilled milk before it spoils all over her career…Peep more at> [Crunktastical]

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery but in the case of Trinidad James tricking Jerome’s gold tooth and wig is reserved for Martin Lawrence‘s multiple personalities only. While the alleged stunt was believable in the beginning ‘Mr. Gold Everything’ says don’t believe the hype [Global Grind]

After being booted from Basketball Wives (The Original), Royce Reed has taken Twitter by storm coming at the necks of her former castmates Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’neal. Fine out what has Dwight Howard’s baby mama up in arms. [RonaldMatters]

When it comes to music Azealia Banks is everything and she continues to shine well into 2013. Not sure when she’s dropping her debut album but in the meantime listen to her latest track ‘BBD’ [BamVsMedia]

Wasn’t fortunate enough to witness Beyoncé in person in Las Vegas or her husband Jay-Z  bringing in 2013 ala New York? Fret not fans because KenBarbie has you locked on the Queen while Rap-Up throws up the diamonds for Hov…..


photo credit: BET

Check out the latest Episode Of ‘Got 2B Real’ [Youtube Parody]

Now when we last left our favorite divas they were discussing the backlash drama surrounding Mary J and the BK crispy chicken wrap…. Now that Fantasia has returned the ladies are more ruthless than ever and the showdown of good, evil and shadiness is apparent through the episode.

This has got to be one of my favorite Youtube shows around. I rarely follow anyone’s show but ‘Got 2B Real‘ is hands down hilarious. The voices are on point and who could ask for a better cast. Rumors around the water cooler is that this may be the last season but for our sake let’s pray @PattiLahelle keeps going on….

Looking for a laugh or a quick pick me up? Then look no further than ‘Got 2B Real’

Fantasia Finally Gives Up On Her Once Foreclosed Home In Charlotte, NC

Fanny is finally about to ditch her humble abode that went into foreclosure a few years ago leaving all of her shenanigans behind in the dust. Good Job Fanny!

A source tells TMZ, Fantasia Barrino’s finally dumping the giagantic house and the therapeutic real estate move is costing her nearly $500K.

Fantasia has listed the 5-bedroom, 38,768 sq. ft. mansion in Charlotte for $800,000 — nearly $500,000 less than what she paid for it in 2007 … $1.3 million — and you can bet she won’t get her asking price.

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