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Blog Buzz: Chris & Rihanna Reunite! + Mariah Hits Nick With Gag Order and More Bizzy Buzz!


No he hasn’t dump Karrechue after making up with the latter just days ago…Chris Brown was actually present during a celebrity basketball game where the Barbados beauty was seen sitting courtside……let’s just say Riri couldn’t keep her eyes off of him…[TMZ]

Things aren’t butterflies and rainbows anymore for Mariah Carey these days and to save face from further humiliation, Mimi is hitting her talkative husband Nick Cannon with a gag order regarding anything about their pending divorce….ouch [BET]

With a new career in reality tv relations, Tameka Raymond is opening up about her failed marriage to Usher… “We Didn’t Stand A Chance In Hell” [Crunktastical]

Speaking of reality junkies…. Did rapper Joe Buddens beat up his former girlfriend leaving her battered and bruised? [TheUrbanDaily]

And since we are discussing being “bruised” I’m sure boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr is none too happy about the little stunts rapper 50 Cent and radio personality Charlamagne this week regarding his inability to……read [NYDailyNews]

And congrats are in order for Nicki Minaj who broke Vevo records this week with the release of the booty shaking “Ananconda” video [NYPost]

photo credit: TMZ

Shady McGrady: 50 Cent Goes Bowling With Gunplay’s MMG Chain On…

In the case of the missing chain….

50 Cent may have been sideline as of late but something tells me he’s about to emerge as his former “Get Rich, Or Die Trying‘ ways in the not so distant future…

Remember the altercation at the Hip Hop Awards that erupted in a backstage parking lot involving rapper Gunplay and members of 50‘s entourage, a claim 50 said never happened [See Footage Here]. Well apparently Gunplay lost his MMG chain in the scuffle and coincidentally 50 is shown in a recent video rocking the silvery medallion…

Wow people still confiscate chains? Peep The footage.

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What’s Beef? 50 Cent Goes At French Montana “Ain’t Nobody Checking For You Girl” oop!

It was all good just 2 weeks ago (above photo from the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards)

Curtis Jackson is back to his old tricks again and after devouring the careers of Ja Rule, The Game, Fat Joe, and countless others the defunct rapper has come out of hiding to feast upon the Hip Hop’s new class. Fresh off of his confrontation with rapper Gunplay from MMG at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards the Queen’s MC is taking jabs at French Montana.

Montana recently spoke with Complex where he discussed the need to avoid beef and be about the music. Apparently French used 50 Cent as an example when discussing saying no to beef and his words left an ugly smear in 50’s eyesight.

Read excerpts from Montana’s interview and where everything went wrong with 50 in the Tweets!

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Rapper Gunplay Speaks To The Breakfast Club About Fight w/ 50 Cent, Jeezy, Hip Hop Awards + More!

What’s Beef? Cause Richard Morales Jr clearly Doesn’t See It.

Gunplay called into The Breakfast Club this morning to air out what really happened in a fight he was involved in with members of 50 Cent’s entourage at the BET Hip Hop Awards. The MMG affiliate discussed having words with 50 Cent, fighting off members of G-Unit, and what will happen if they step foot in Miami!

Wow this past weekend read like a soap opera just with more testosterone.  Check out Gunplay’s interview after the jump!

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BET Releases Statement Regarding The Drama @ Hip Hop Awards + Footage Of The Fight In The Parking Lot

BET comes forward and issues a statement to hopefully fan the growing fire that ignited at the hands of Ricky Rozay and The Snowman last night. Black Entertainment Television made sure to separate themselves from the sideshow antics and promised an unbelievable showing when the 2102 BET Hip Hop Awards air October 9th @ 8pm.

Via BET:

“BET Networks works very hard to bring the best in entertainment to the city of Atlanta. For the past 7 years BET has celebrated the true art form of Hip Hop. Due to some misjudgment of select attendees, it is unfortunate that certain incidents took place. BET Networks does not condone any type of violence. Local authorities are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”

Check out what they had to say regarding the suppose gunshots and various other shenanigans that developed during the show.

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New Music: 50 Cent F/ Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys – “New Day”

This was originally pegged as Alicia Keys new single but I guess the masses weren’t feeling it deep within so Swizz gifted it Curtis and still allowed his wifey to bless the track.

New Day‘ will serve as the lead single from 50‘s new album ‘Street King Immortal‘ due out sometime before Thanksgiving (providing we don’t get another delay). The track is produced by Swizz Beatz and Eminem and features legendary producer/rapper Dr. Dre. 50 has been dropping an album for the past couple of years now but due to label politics the push backs kept the project in limbo. Hopefully this time everything is a go?

50’s star power has dropped in recent years but he’s still managed to stay relevant through his many endorsement deals and business ventures…

Check out the new track below…

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I’ve been so out of the loop for the past several days and no turkey and stuffing wasn’t on the menu. 

I was made aware that there was a new beef brewing between Curtis Jackson and Clifford Harris and I’m using government names because the exchange of words is now becoming personal.. especially when you throw in wifey remarks….

Apparently T.I. made some remarks in the Dec/Jan issue of Vibe that didn’t sit too well with 50 Cent concerning Tiny (T.I.’s wife) taking the rap for his recent jail stint in some tweets that came out when T.I. got locked up.


T.I. who go whif of the concern blasted 50 and anyone else who had a problem with him » Read more..


The old Get Rich Or Die Trying 50 Cent is looking to make a comeback and is taking swipes at wack MC’s in the game including subliminals @ our beloved Drake on ‘Street King Energy’.

You got a nice gimmick going/you been hot a few summers/I got the kinda flow that can stop world hunger/ barks a confident and cocky Curtis.

50 is currently in the studio finishing up work on this new album with Dr.Dre

What’s The Verdict?

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So video footage has finally surfaced via TMZ of the ‘alledged’ fight between Ray J and Fabolous. After both artist came forth and pleaded their cases, 50 Cent took the airwaves on yesterday during the Funkmaster Flex show and threw in 2 of his coins. It’s speculated Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent started the entire incident encouraging Ray J to get a piece of Fabolous…..

These dudes must be really bored….. Peep out the video below.

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50 Cent calls in and speaks to Funk Master Flex and discusses The Mayweather/Ortiz fight, Ray J/Fabolous beef, and The Game’s Homo comment

Listen to 50 gives his opinion on all of thee above

….and the drama continues

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