Bizzy Links: Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested + Lauryn Hill Explains Not Paying Taxes And More Bizzy Buzz…..

Sometimes you have to lay hands on somebody and not in a Holy Ghost party/good time sort of way. Unruly children just don’t sit well in the land of the living and before you try and bring that mess up to the pearly gates expect to be shown the errors of your ways…….. Find out what led to Creflo Dollar being the talk among many beauty salon patrons and clergyman on this summer afternoon + Pastor Dollar releases his take on the entire incident.[Crunk+Disorderly]

Since Lauryn Hill, The High Queen Empress And Loyal Priestess of Zamunda, who recently unearthed herself from the trenches here lately has eager fans patiently awaiting a sequel to ‘Miseducation‘. That is if Uncle Sam don’t throw Lauryn up in the watch tower without a means to get out… After media reports suggested Ms. Hill was avoiding giving up her piece of the American Dream, Lauryn Spoke out for all you people worried about her 1040. [Rap-Up]

Even though our beloved Melanie (Tia Mowry) and Derwin (Pooh Hall) will no longer grace the empty carcass of what’s left of BET‘s ‘The Game‘, the producers of the show aren’t throwing in the towel just yet. Instead of recasting the roles with newer actors the powers that be are creating an entirely new story-line with ‘two’ new female and male leads…. Oh brother [FreddyO]

When you are Evelyn Lozada, trying to win over the appeal of a disgruntled viewership can be very time consuming. So I’m guessing the next best thing to break bread with your fan base is to write a letter to your 7year old self explaining your faults and failures. [Concreteloop]

Get up close and personal with the Queen Bee Lil’ Kim as she takes you behind the scenes of her ‘Return Of The Queen Tour’. I’m actually happy Kim is out there in the streets grinding and being more interactive with her fans through media. If only she would have tapped into this ‘career surge’ once she got out of jail [MissJia]

And lastly Happy Birthday Kanye West! Besides getting gifts of the Lamborghini kind the next best thing to receive on your yearly milestone is CAKE! That’s right check out these Yeezy inspired confections of sweetness as only the Louie Vuitton Don would only love! []


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